Up to 8 Players


The Advanced Research Group has been developing a bomb that will be used to secure infected areas during research protocol. After the scientists left the facility to meet with the group with concerns on bomb structures, the bomb was mysteriously activated and set at one hour before detonation. Someone needs to get to the facility and deactivate the bomb. 

Will this be your team?


The crooks are demanding a ransom and it is up to your team to break the codes in the room to locate this money and get out. The room is rigged with a timer of only 60 minutes!

Up To 8 Players


Series of murders in October all lead to a single man, Lenny and he is ready to kill again. After his wife was brutally murdered on their wedding night, Lenny and his wife’s spirit seek revenge. Your mission is to help authorities retrieve stolen evidence to stop future killings by Lenny and the world of the dead. 

Up To 8 Players

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