Up to 8 Players

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The Advanced Research Group has been developing a bomb that will be used to secure infected areas during research protocol. The bomb was mysteriously activated and set at one hour before detonation. Someone needs to get to the facility and deactivate the bomb. Will this be your team?


Your boss invites your crew to his beach house~you accept! He will join shortly. He requests you stay away from his boat. Shortly after your arrival, someone realizes the boat is adrift. Your boss is an hour out! Find the key in the beach house, swim to the boat and dock it before he gets there.

Up To 8 Players


Now Open! 

Yes, they are among us! Trapped in a travel sector of a worm hole, extraterrestrials need assistance from humans. Launch time is soon and either humans can unjam the internal portal of the spacecraft, releasing the aliens for launch back to their galaxy or self-destruction will be inevitable.

One hour will reveal the fate of all. 

Up To 8 Players